Feeling alive at concerts and experiencing unforgettable moments - that's what a good concert is all about. OPEN RIM brings you exactly the festival sound you need to feel good. The producer duo knows how to get you and your friends in the mood. At performances, among others, as AStA-Sommerfestival Stage-Headliner, at the Extraschicht in Hamm or as support for David Puentez, they have already been able to keep up with some of the greats of the music industry and thus sweep away many fans. Their specialties are the genres Dance & Pop, which immediately motivate to dance and sing along with summery vibes and melodies.
OPEN RIM is a project of Christian Egermann and Noah Dröge, two childhood friends from the Ruhrgebiet. Both are not only very talented musicians, playing guitar, piano and drums among other things, but also enthusiastic music producers. Each of their songs is recorded and edited by themselves from the first idea to the mastering. When they play live, they perform in combination with guest singers. They add the right spice to every song and make the artists represented on it shine. For their work the duo could already collect a lot of positive feedback from experienced critics and radio stations (e.g. 1LIVE, BigFM, WDR2, Radio Lippewelle Hamm), where they are therefore welcome guests.
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