We are Christian and Noah, together we are the indie electronic duo Open Rim and we want to be honest with you: we hate that the EDM scene is rarely associated with real live performance. We love electronic music and with our performance we want to show that there are more options than just playing the music on CDJs.
We are inspired by the live sets of artists like Fred Again or The Chainsmokers, who simply captivate us with their shows and have created a unique feeling in us through their live elements. With this vibe we went into rehearsals and developed our own, unique live sound: live samples, acoustic guitar, synthesizers and live vocals from our guest singers. When you are at our concert, you will experience a roller coaster ride of emotions. Our set is both energetic and danceable, but also emotional at the same time. We noticed that electronic music performed live is extremely fulfilling for us and our fans. And we are sure that everyone who comes to our concerts would say the same.
In 2020 we started to professionalize and play our first big concerts (support shows, sold-out headline shows, festivals). With this experience, we independently planned our first big summer tour in winter 2022/23. This resulted in the “Desert Tour 2023” with 16 concerts, during which we were able to bring our music to where it belongs: to you. Festivals like Bochum Total, the Medimeisterschaften, the Homeward Festival and concerts in Dresden, Berlin, Munich, Kiel, Osnabrück, Hamm and Paderborn showed us that our music was very celebrated.
Due to the great interest after the tour, the WDR also became aware of us, which gave us the opportunity to perform as a studio band for Germany's longest late-night show (Kultursommer: die lange Nacht).
We attach great importance to writing and producing our songs ourselves and work a lot with musician friends. Some of our songs have achieved streaming success, so we can already record more than 300,000 streams in 2023.
Some more things about us:
We - Noah and Christian - started making music together in our hometown of Hamm during our high school years. Over time, this gave rise to the Open Rim project. In 2020 we moved to Paderborn, where we have been studying “Popular Music and Media” and have our studio ever since.
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