German-born bass music producer Bastian Egbers, aka Nightsub, is delivering heavy-hitting sounds that are meant to be played in front of a dancefloor. Starting with his earlier artist project 'Head Desk' in 2011, he gained some attention with Dubstep and Hybrid Trap releases on Labels like Pantheon, Hybrid Trap, and Electric Station, but especially by remixing various Dubstep tracks which also include his competition-winning remix of 'Panic!' by Phantom Sage & Detrace in 2015. After experimenting with lots of different dance music genres for a few years and finding his distinctive sound he is now ready to bring the heat from his studio to worldwide dancefloors. Being heavily inspired by Bass House artists like Joyryde, Habstrakt, and ALRT, but also by Dubstep and Drum & Bass producers he can't wait to share his latest productions with the world. The fact that he always raises his productions to a new level did not remain hidden for long.
His track Lovin U' (with Sölus-Sun) ended up in the official New Music Friday Canada playlist as well as in Spotify's 'Nasty Bits! Other produltions like '2-NITE' received early support from industry legends like Dr. Fresch.
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